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Free From Within

By Author Jess A. Tunne

Your 21 Day Guide to Re-discovering Your
Life, Business and Passion.

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About the Author

Jess a. Tunne

Jess Tunne is an online entrepreneur, Health and Wellness Coach and NLP Practitioner. She has worked with thousands of women on their health journeys and supported them to move past limitations that keep them stuck, into a massive momentum that sets them free. 

You can find out more about Jess and learn about her Free from Within 21 day coaching programs at www.jessatunne.com.

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About the Book

Free from within
Your 21 Day Guide to
Re-discovering Your Life, Business and Passion

Free From Within is your permission slip to follow your own path and dance to your own beat in this one, precious life.

Remembering that everything you need you ALREADY are, and that sometimes, we just need to be reminded of how magical we are!

Over the next 21 days we will go on a journey together inspired by therapy, spiritual guidance, professional training and transformation while sharing real life stories, challenges and celebrations!

Re-discover WHO you are and what lights you up!
How to move past fear and into ALIGNED ACTION!
Creating a life you don’t need a holiday from!
The ripple effect of letting your light shine!
By the end of Free From Within, you will have both actionable steps to take towards the life you are dreaming of, as well as the inner belief that you absolutely can achieve what you set your mind to – and you are 100% worth it.

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