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How to UnMess Your Life

By Author Libby Robertson

An Unconventional Guide to Healing,
Happiness & Living Your Life’s Purpose.

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About the Author

Libby Robertson

Libby Robertson is an author, teacher, entrepreneur, Shamanic healer and life and business coach for conscious leaders who are passionate about making a positive difference in this world.

After realising the Western approach to addiction recovery couldn’t provide Libby with the answers she was seeking, she turned to alternative practices which not only helped her to heal, but completely transformed every area of her life and the way that she saw the world. Now passionate about normalising spirituality in the Western world, Libby brings a fresh and grounded approach to business, leadership, success, and living our life’s purpose.

Libby is a science graduate, with a major in Psychology. She has professional leadership and management experience, certifications in adult facilitation and education and has completed an apprenticeship as a Shamic Healer. Libby has healed herself from trauma, addiction and bulimia, completely turning her entire life around. From this background experience, Libby has created a successful global company and brings a unique wealth of wisdom and expertise to her coaching and teaching.

Libby is the CEO of Libby Robertson Global and has co-founded the School of Spiritual Healing Arts (SOSHA) with her husband Dane. Within SOSHA they support their clients and students based all over the world, to create success in their lives, leadership, business and spiritual journeys – in a totally holistic manner.

Together, Libby and Dane have created several social initiatives and charity projects in the last few years, including Hope2Fam, Leaders Making A Difference and The Self Wealth Project. These initiatives aim to give back to the community and promote more love in the world.

After nearly a decade of travelling and moving globally, Libby now lives beside her beloved ocean, in her home country of New Zealand.

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About the Book

How to Unmess Your Life
An Unconventional Guide to Healing,Happiness & Living Your Life’s Purpose

When her life as an alcoholic party girl came to a smashing climax… on the concrete, flat on her back, from two stories up… She heard an inner voice whisper, ‘live, or die?’
That was the moment Libby was given a second chance at life, and decided to re-build it, one day at a time.

Libby is now on a mission to empower millions of people around the world to make positive, sustainable changes in their lives, families, businesses and communities so we can each live our happiest, healthiest, wealthiest lives and make future generations proud.

In this book, you will be taken on a behind-the-scenes journey of what it truly takes to UnMess Your Life and be given the tools and framework to heal whatever is holding you back from true happiness, living with purpose and creating your most magnificent life.

Together we heal, together we rise, together we co-create a new earth.

More From the Author

Libby Robertson

Love Yourself Sober – in this 8 module online course, Libby walks you through the exact process she designed herself, one day at a time, stepping into sobriety, to help you Love Yourself Sober too.

Step Into Your Soul Work – in this 8 week online course, Libby takes you through her Release-Align-Ascend method to heal limiting beliefs and abundance blocks, discover your soul’s gifts and purpose and monetize your life’s mission.

Become a Healer – SOSHA’s apprenticeship program ‘The Initiation’ assists you to become a certified transformational healer, trained in self-healing techniques, using applied psychology, breathwork, Shamanism and quantum channeling to support yourself and others in their healing journeys.

To discover more ways Libby may be able to help you and your business enterprise to create more success, in true alignment with your soul…..head to…..


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