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Guardian Of The Dream

By Author Oxana Kremleva

A Mystical Journey for Teens Into the Magical World of Beauty, Love, Connections and Endless Possibilities.

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About the Author

Oxana Kremleva

Oxana Kremleva is an established, award-winning, international actor and director. She is fluent in five languages and has an infinite knowledge of a variety of cultures and the science of personality and cognitive processes.

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About the Book

Guardian of the dream
A mystical journey for teens into the magical world of beauty, love, connections and endless possibilities.

Guardian Of The Dream’ by Oxana Kremleva is a magical journey that traces the experiences and adventures of four youths and what emerges when they happen to meet a gentle, mystical mentor – the Guardian of The Dream. Through this meeting, the teenagers discover that their perceived life of school stress and daily Earthly issues and worries fades away as they learn what really matters in life. This benevolent, otherworldly persona, the Guardian of the Dream, shows the teenagers the potential and possibilities locked inside their own gifts, talents and dreams. 

‘Guardian of the Dream’ is a deep dive into the power of blissful loving energies. This captivating novel examines the importance of the actions and decisions that face today’s teenagers and how these choices, once made, shape their future outcomes.

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