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Libby Robertson

Libby reached #1 best seller and #1 new release in the first 48 hours of releasing her incredible book, How To UnMess Your Life. Learn more about Libby’s book, the unconventional guide to healing, happiness & living your life’s purpose.

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Jess A. Tunne

Jess has just launched her phenomenal new book with us and successfully reached #1 best seller and #1 new release in just 24 hours. Free From Within is your 21 day guide to rediscovering your life, business and passion. Take your permission slip to follow your own path and dance to your own beat in this one, precious life.
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Oxana Kremleva

Oxana Kremleva has just launched her first book with us, Guardian of the Dream, a mystical journey for teens into the magical world of beauty, love, connections and endless possibilities. Oxana is an established, award-winning, international actor and director.
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Elisabeth Tanev

Elisabeth has just launched her first book with us, Empowering Childhood, a spiritual, practical handbook filled with potent, powerful steps that can transform your family life and engender positive outcomes as a parent.

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Erica Russo

Erica has just launched her spellbinding new book with us, The Light Compass’, which is an instinctive, transformational journey to understanding and interpreting your soul and incorporating intuition and intention into your life.

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Kirsi Englund

Kirsi’s new book, Open Your F*cking Heart, invites you on a journey with your soul towards healing and into the freeing state of unf*ckwthable. A book that is not just read, but experienced through empowering journaling, actions/interaction and practical exercises.

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Aliana Ziva Seeger-Madsen

Twenty-Two Letters from Uncle Jack’ is Aliana Ziva Seeger-Madsen’s story of coming from a place of emotional and spiritual darkness then stepping into the light with the help of her spirit guide.

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